Our Firm's StoryTorrey Pines Law Group

Torrey Pines Law Group combines the expertise and quality of a large firm, with the value and personalized service of a small firm. Since its founding in 2013 by Kevin Buckley -- an accomplished patent attorney having more than 20 years of experience with international patents, international intellectual property transactions, technology commercialization, and IP litigation matters -- we have successfully handled complex legal matters for companies and individuals researching and developing biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, artificial intelligence, and convergence technologies.

Our firm operates with one goal:

To successfully resolve our clients' intellectual property, transactional, and regulatory matters in the global marketplace.

The Story of the Torrey Pine

The Torrey Pine is an ancient and fabled tree. But in our view, it is also a living representation of who we are, and who we might become.

Kevin Buckley grew up among them. Groves of Torrey Pines were a constant presence as a young man, but it was only years later that he discovered just how rare they are and how fragile their existence has become. The Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve encompasses a small "forest" of the tree (only a few thousand of the native trees survive in the Reserve, making it one of the rarest pine species in the world), but the hardiest trees appear to thrive! The trees are an amazing adaptation to the local climate which normally provides only morning mist from the ocean. A Torrey Pine has a unique triangular needle shape which captures the ocean mist, and because of its unique shape, condenses it into liquid water drops which fall to its roots. Torrey Pines would probably not exist without this special adaptation.

Lean soil, vernal pools, and the occasional thunderstorm also feed them. And in good years they multiply. The oldest trees are not large, but their gnarled trunks and crooked branches display the weather they have resisted for decades, and their roots can be seen on the surface clinging deep to pockets between bluffs to capture water. Young saplings sprout freely throughout the small forest, and only the luckiest and well-placed pines will survive beyond a few years, but the forest as a whole continues to grow.

Does this dynamic not also represent what we individually face as a community of innovators and researchers who wish to bring therapeutic and life-saving cures to the world? The ebbs and flows of capital, the great idea which only needs fertile soil to grow and expand, the tenacity through lean years, and all the luck – good or bad – which determines the fate of so many enterprises?

Our law firm is named in tribute to this fabled tree which rewards us with its story of persistence and tenacity. From our firm’s windows we can see this small forest and all of the famous research institutes, entrepreneurial companies, and UC San Diego which fall near its canopy. It is from this vantage which we seek to serve our clients and translate the story of the Torrey Pine into meaningful advice related to business success, overcoming competition, and ultimately thriving.

You can help support the conservation of the Reserve, as well as related educational and environmental programs, through the Torrey Pines Association and the Torrey Pines Docent Society.